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2024 Wisconsin Employee Handbook Template

By Employee Handbook Store Staff Writers

Only $39.95 - Create an MS Word employee handbook for small business in The Badger State

Wisconsin Law recent updates include:

  • Minimum Wage Updates

This template formatted specifically for Wisconsin

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This MS Word template for small business can be completed, then saved as a PDF, RTF or MS Works. It contains all major policies for small business with specific language complying with Wisconsin regulations, and complies with federal guidelines and requirements for employers.

Creating an employee handbook from scratch can be very time consuming! And now you've been assigned the task of creating one for your Wisconsin small business.

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This employee handbook template is a better way!

All the hard work has been done for you. The template masters at the Employee Handbook Store created the best employee handbook template on the market. Developed to comply with Wisconsin and federal labor laws, this template includes the policies used by 99% of all small businesses. You found exactly what you are looking for!

Template formatted specifically for Wisconsin:

Buy the WI Employee Handbook Template now
  • Wisconsin-specific template - over 100 policy topics.
  • Easily customize with your company logo.
  • Many topics have multiple options.
  • Easily edit, delete or add topics.
  • Acknowledgement form for employees to sign.
  • FREE Safety Manual template with over 30 topics.
  • FREE No-Compete & Non-Disclosure agreement.
  • FREE Drug Testing Policy and Consent Form.
  • Formatted in Microsoft Word for PC or Mac.
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  • Available In RTF (Rich Text Format).

Comply With Wisconsin Requirements

Wisconsin labor law complies primarily with federal labor laws, and has no special requirements for short-term disability leave beyond federal guidelines. The employee handbook template offered here includes language adhering to the federal requirements for short-term disability leave. Other policies provided in this template adhere to federal labor laws as well, which meet or exceed state laws*. Wisconsin small businesses will find, included in this template, policies for cell phones and texting, breaks, conduct, employee use of company vehicles, employee dress code, computer use, compensation, and nearly 100 other optional topics.

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Wisconsin is known for its cheese production and is often referred to as the "Dairy State." The state is home to a significant number of dairy farms, and cheese production has become a vital industry in the state. In addition to dairy production, Wisconsin is also known for its paper and packaging industries, with a significant portion of the state's economy being driven by these industries. The state is also home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Harley-Davidson and Kohl's.

Small businesses in Wisconsin play a crucial role in the state's economy, employing approximately 1.2 million people. The state has a diverse range of small businesses, including agriculture, manufacturing, and technology firms. Wisconsin has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with many start-ups and small businesses receiving support from the state government. Wisconsin offers several programs and resources for small businesses, such as the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, which provides assistance to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development plays a significant role in supporting small businesses in the state. The department provides several services to small businesses, including assistance with hiring and training employees, managing worker's compensation claims, and complying with labor laws. Additionally, the department offers training and development opportunities for small businesses to enhance their operations and increase their competitiveness in the market. The department works closely with small business owners to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Wisconsin's economy.

Develop a Wisconsin employee handbook for your business.

A properly crafted employee handbook provides communication of company policy to all employees, and prospective employees. Labor laws require that all businesses have written policy and enforce policies uniformly with all employees. An employee handbook is simply the best, most cost-effective method for complying with this requirement. A variety of methods can be used to inform employees. Posters are popular in some cases, but most often the best method is an employee handbook.

What should be included in a Wisconsin employee handbook?

As a matter of legal concerns, any policy the company would want to enforce should be clearly documented for the benefit of both the employer and employee. Particularly any policy that could impact hiring or dismissal of any employee, belongs in the employee handbook. If federal minimum standards are used as Wisconsin standards, the federal guidelines should be included as company policy.

Other helpful information to include.

A well-constructed employee handbook can also include, as a matter of convenience, contact email addresses and phone numbers, holiday schedules, Human Resources Department hours, office hours, and any other information likely to answer employee questions about day-to-day operations.

Resources for maintaining policies per state and federal labor laws.

In Wisconsin, labor laws that exceed federal labor law requirements, are created by the Wisconsin State Legislature. Enforcement of labor laws in Wisconsin is handled by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. This agency also processes labor law disputes.

Federal labor laws are developed and posted by The U.S. Department of Labor. To gather current information regarding a specific labor guideline, visit the Guidance Search Device. Additional information can be found via the Employer.gov website.

Who should develop an employee handbook for your small business in Wisconsin?

If you intend to create an employee handbook from scratch, it is recommended to use HR professionals and attorneys for this monumental task.

However, this project can be simplified by using an employee handbook template. Quality templates, offered by trusted suppliers, can expedite the process from weeks or months, to an hour or so. Templates also reduce costs significantly.

Order a Wisconsin employee handbook template, from The Employee Handbook Store. Founded in 1991 under the corporate name of The Guru Group, Inc., we have been offering these quality templates for over two decades.

Best WI Employee Handbook Template

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Fastest, easiest & best WI template available!

Logically organized for ease of use, topics are included for policies, procedures, employment standards, benefits, discipline and more. Many topics provide two to four options per topic (based on your preferences) for issues like smoking on company property. Developed by HR and management professionals, this template includes options that comply with federal FMLA and EEOC requirements.

Printable or Save as PDF to post or email

Print and distribute the handbook, or save it as a PDF which can be distributed via email or posted on the web for employees with access.

Sample Employee Handbook Pages

Download immediately and be ready to print and distribute today! The BONUS templates are included at NO CHARGE!

Buy the WI Employee Handbook Template now

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Information About WI Employment

State Legislature & Department of Labor

State-specific labor laws are drafted and passed by the state legislature. Many of these policies follow federal regulations, except where state requirements exceed federal minimums. Once legislation goes into effect, the state department of labor is charged with enforcement. These laws are the foundation of employee handbooks used by employers operating within the state.

Visit the Wisconsin State Legislature website for details on current and upcoming labor and employment policy matters. Review requirements for employers operating in the state of WI. The Wisconsin Department Of Labor is responsible for enforcing these regulations.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
201 E. Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53702
608 267-0477

S.B.A. - Guidance for small business employee handbooks, as well as other resources and tools, are offered to employers at no cost.
U.S. Small Business Administration
409 3rd St, SW.
Washington DC 20416

U.S. Department Of Labor
200 Constitution Ave NW
Washington, DC 20210
866 487-2365

Leading Employers

The employers listed below account for a significant number of workers in Wisconsin.

Affinity Health System
All Saints Health Care
American Family Insurance
Froedtert & Medical College
Kraft Foods Oscar Mayer
Lands' End
Marshfield Clinic
New Level Builders
Northwestern Mutual Financial
River Woods Urgent Care Center
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation
UAW Local Benefits Plans
University of WI-Madison
University-WIHosppitals & Clinics
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
WPS Health Insurance

Wisconsin small businesses with one or more employees, as a group, make up an even larger segment of the workforce. All employers, regardless of the number of employees, are required by labor laws to have written policy made available to employees.