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NOTE: This sample is NOT state specific. Each stste may have varying vrebiage.

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Sample Handbook

Sample Employee Handbook

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Typical Content

Note: varies, state to state.

Title Page
Welcome employees and let them know the importance of your company guidelines.

Provide your staff with a written Mission Statement.
Make your employees aware of career opportunities.

Open Door Policy
Explain how to approach management with issues.
Establish guidelines for code of conduct.

At will employment statement.
Include the equal opportunity employment statement.
Define eligibility for employment.
Provide guidelines for familial employment.
Include the HIPAA notice and your company privacy practices.
Define your position on reimbursement of moving expense for relocation .
Clarify options for part-time employment.
Clarify company rules regarding employment of minors.
Describe adherence to minimum wage laws.
Explain the impact of criminal convictions on employment.
Establish guidelines for dealing with violence in the workplace.
Define rules for weapons on company property.
Establish guidelines for alcohol, drugs and illegal substance abuse.
Clarify the company worker documentation policy.

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment Policies
Include a domestic violence statement.
Point out the established method for employees to find job postings.
Clarify company procedures regarding seniority.
Identify any credit union affiliation.
Establish procedures for employee evaluations.
Define guidelines regarding bonus checks, if offered.
Clarify whether your company offers stock options.
Notify staff that the company maintains personnel files.

Policies & Procedures
Define rules for attendance.
Clarify appropriate parking areas.
Establish work schedule requirements.
Notify employees of staff meetings attendance requirements.
Point out location and proper use of bulletin boards.
Point out location and proper use of the suggestion box.
Define procedures for time cards.
Clarify proper lunch break times.
Clarify procedures for work breaks.
Establish a workplace dress code.
Clarify procedures for attaining medical attention.
Define company policy for compensation.
Establish circumstances for overtime.
Outline procedures for reimbursement of mileage expense for use of personal vehicle.
Clarify responsibilities for commissioned sales positions.
Define policy for wage and salary disclosure.
Identify payroll schedules.
Clarify distribution times for Paychecks.
Point out that the company will deduct for Taxes, FICA and Medicare.
Clarify whether the company offers IRA’s - Individual Retirement Accounts.
Establish guidelines for working away from the office.
Outline schedule for performance evaluation reviews.
Clarify guidelines for reimbursement of employee expenses.
Establish requirements for reporting personal information changes to the company.
Clarify company procedures for employees accepting gifts, entertainment and meals from vendors.
Establish regulations regarding facility visitors.
Clarify the company limit of responsibility for employee personal property.
Establish policy for personal cell phone calls.
Establish rules for text messaging while on duty.
Define importance of maintaining personal safety in the workplace.
Establish rules regarding food and beverage at work stations.
Clarify the company smoking policy.
Outline guidelines for office parties.
Establish guidelines for solicitation.
Establish guidelines for moonlighting..

Company Property
Notify staff of the importance of confidential information security.
Establish a facility security procedure.
Clarify rules on personal use of company office supplies, postage and company accounts.
Outline guidelines for use of company vehicles for personal use.
Define policy for employee use of company equipment.
Define rules for use of phone systems, voice mail and personal calls.
Establish procedures for conservation and recycling.

Computer Related
Clarify employee use of computers and related equipment.
Establish rules for use of the internet on company computers.
Establish policy for use of email and electronic communication.

Policies for Leave of Absence
Define eligibility requirements for leave benefits.
Clarify personal leave of absence eligibility.
Establish sick leave guidelines.
Establish procedures for personal time absence.
Define short-term disability leave.
Clarify unpaid family and medical leave.
Clarify options for funeral leave.
Clarify jury duty absence.
Clarify military duty policies.
Establish procedures for severe weather closings.

Provide an overview of the company rights to update benefits.
Clarify eligibility for benefits.
Clarify options for group medical insurance.
Clarify whether the company offers life insurance policies.
Clarify options for company 401K plans.
Define retirement benefits.
Establish procedures for collecting worker's compensation benefits.
Define paid holidays.
Establish guidelines to qualify for vacation benefits.
Outline vacation schedules.
Incorporate details on COBRA insurance options.
Clarify company compensation options for education and tuition reimbursement.
Notify employees of discounts on company products and services.

Clarify procedures for problem resolution.
Define penalties for violation of company policy.

Termination of Employment
Define termination policy for employer and employees.
Clarify whether severance package policies.

Have employees acknowledge receipt of their copy of the manual.



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