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Define Safety Procedures

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Safety Manual Template

What Is A Safety Manual

A safety manual provides policies and procedures for matters of safety for employees in the workplace.

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Importance Of A Safety Manual

Why Small Businesses Need a Safety Manual

Every small business needs a safety manual to ensure that all customers and staff members are safe in the business premises. It does not have to be time consuming to create a safety manual as you can use a template to build a safety manual that relates to your business. Safety manuals provide information to prove to insurance companies, employees, customers, and external parties that your business meets the legal requirements to provide a safe workplace.

While occupational health and safety laws can vary in every state, the basics remain the same. A good safety manual includes information on what to do in the case of an emergency, risk assessments on the typical tasks employees complete, and general safety rules. Having a safety manual for your business provides you with documents you can use in a legal situation to prove you made every practicable to provide your employees and customers with a safe environment.

The manual should include information on what safety equipment the company uses, especially when employees should use personal protective equipment, such as glasses, hair-nets, high visibility clothing, and safety shoes. The company may choose to designate certain areas or certain tasks as high risk and will put into place rules to mitigate those risks.

Using a template to create your safety manual for the business means you will cover all the essential elements of a comprehensive safety manual. You will be able to choose which part of the template is appropriate for your business needs and delete the inappropriate options, making it extremely easy to create a safety manual personalized to your business without having to write the entire manual from scratch.

As a small business owner, you do not want to engage in lengthy legal battles or have costly accidents in your business. An accident that injures an employee or a customer on your business premises will cost you far more than the legal costs of compensation. Your business may lose customers, will certainly lose productivity, and may find the company’s reputation suffers.

Having a safety manual that provides employees with clear instructions and rules to mitigate or reduce the health and safety risks of the workplace can prevent these costly accidents destroying your business. Using a template to create your safety manual takes all the hard work out of the business of making your workplace safe for employees and customers.

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