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Employee Benefits Handbook Template

This template makes establishing your written company policy a breeze. Just follow the instructions choosing options that fit your company, fill in a few blanks and you've got an employee handbook. This quality handbook template simplifies every step of the process.

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"The book was extremely helpful...... no telling how much time it saved me in getting a handbook completed. ...I am grateful for your product ..."

Norman Black, Haigh-Black Funeral Home, Ormond Beach FL



File Format Options

Regardless of the file format you choose, all options will be available at the download screen. The finished product also serves as an employee benefits handbook.

MS Word Employee Handbook Template

Microsoft Word™ is the initial development file format and can be used by purchasers for creating, editing and printing the final employee handbook.

PDF Employee Handbooks

Provide your employees with a PDF version of the final employee handbook so they can review it on a PC, MAC, mobile phone or tablet. Start with a PDF (editable in Adobe Acrobat Pro (or similar), or create the final document in MS Word and save a copy as a PDF for distribution.

MS Works Employee Handbook

Microsoft Works™ is a simplified word-processing software, also capable of developing an employee handbook. Formatting options are somewhat limited in comparison to Word.

Employee Acknowledgement

It is recommended all employees sign a printed copy of the acknowledgement sheet (included), agreeing to abide by the company policies as outlined in the handbook.

Specific Templates For Each State

This tool takes a significant project and reduces it to an easily manageable task. Without it, the project may take days or weeks. With it, most company handbooks are prepared in less than an hour.

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Create a company handbook

It takes less than an hour

  • Formatted in MS Word, Works or PDF
  • Fast & Easy to Complete
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Includes a FREE Safety Manual
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