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Establish Termination Procedures

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Employee Termination Policy

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Offered below is a sampling of the section of the employee handbook template outlining employee termination procedures.

Policy may vary by state
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Policies for Termination

The termination policy explains how employees or the employer may terminate the employment of the employee. It will include information regarding appropriate notice an employee must give the employer and how much notice (if any) the employer must give the employee to terminate the employee.

Examples from the handbook template...


Employees of XYZ COMPANY are not given tenure. The employee of XYZ COMPANY may choose to terminate employment at any time.

Employees choosing to terminate their employment with XYZ COMPANY are required...(more)

XYZ COMPANY may terminate employment at any time for any reason. If an employee is terminated for a severe violation of policy they will be escorted from the premises immediately. Any personal property, plus their final paycheck...(more)

The Human Resources department will provide opportunity to all employees leaving XYZ COMPANY to have...(more)

More included in the handbook template...

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