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Employee Holidays

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Paid Holiday Schedule

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Find presented below a sample of the section which outlines employee paid and non-paid holidays policies.

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Employee Paid Holidays

Holiday Schedule

The paid holiday policy explains which annual holidays the company offers as paid days off. Other days may be established as days off without pay - often at the choice of each individual employee. The template includes information for shift workers and allowances when employees must continue to work on a public holiday.

Examples from the handbook template...


XYZ COMPANY provides the following holiday schedule for all employees. Eligible employees qualify for paid days. Non-qualifying employees are required to take the days off without pay unless otherwise approved in writing by your immediate supervisor.

Holiday Schedule:

New Year's Day - Paid
President's Day - Paid
Memorial Day - Paid
Independence - Day Paid
Labor Day - Paid
Thanksgiving Day - Paid
Thanksgiving Friday - Non Paid
Christmas Eve Half day - Non Paid
Christmas Day - Paid

Holidays falling on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday, those falling...(more)

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