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Define Conduct Guidelines

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Employee Conduct Policy

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Displayed below is a sampling of the section which outlines employee conduct policies and expectations.

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Employee Conduct Guidelines

This section explains the general rules and the company’s expectations for employee conduct. This could include rules about alcohol or drug use, professional behavior when dealing with customers, maintaining private information, and quality assurance.

Examples from the handbook template...

Open Door Policy

It is our objective to provide a work environment free from elements that would deter you from doing your best work. All concerns may be expressed through our open door policy. Management at XYZ COMPANY maintains this open door policy to ...(more)

Code of Conduct

Employees of XYZ COMPANY are to conduct themselves in a responsible, professional and ethical manner...(more)

Reported activities will be investigated by appropriate XYZ COMPANY management team members. The management team will determine appropriate means for proper resolution...(more)

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