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Establish Guidelines For Leaves

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Leave of Absence Policy

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All companies are required to define policy for leaves of absence. Below is a sampling of the section of the employee handbook template outlining employee leave of absence.

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Leave of Absence Policy

The employee leaves policy details what leave the employee is entitled to at any time. It can include sick leave, care-giver’s leave, annual leave, bereavement leave, funeral leave, training leave, parental leave, and any other type of leave the company offers.

Examples from the handbook template...


Paid and non-paid leave of absence is a benefit of working at XYZ COMPANY. To qualify for these leave of absence benefits the employee must be a full time employee and have completed... (more)

Personal Leave of Absence

XYZ COMPANY will make every reasonable effort to consider personal leave of absence. Apply for unpaid personal leave of absence authorization from...(more)

Sick Leave

Sick leave benefits are earned at a rate of one day of paid sick leave for every 2 completed calendar months worked. Eligible employees can earn up to ...(more)

Funeral Leave

XYZ COMPANY will provide reasonable time off for employees to attend funerals of friends and loved ones. In the event of a death in the immediate family of the employee, up to three days paid time off may be granted to ...(more)

Jury Duty

Notify your immediate supervisor if you are summoned for jury duty. Time off from work will be granted as...(more)

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