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About Company Insurance

By Employee Handbook Store Staff Writers

Company Insurance Plans

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Below find a sampling of the company policy regarding insurance.

Policy may vary by state
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Employee Health Insurance

Policy Regarding Company Insurance

The company insurance section includes insurance options offered by the employer. It may also outline coverage of accidents and incidents occurring in the workplace.

Examples from the handbook template...

Company Insurance Policies

Group Medical Insurance


XYZ COMPANY pays all of the premiums cost for eligible employee group medical coverage. Coverage is available through the current plan for dependents. Premiums for dependents are the responsibility of the employee, payment must be made through payroll deduction. Details of...(more)


XYZ COMPANY pays the substantial portion of premium costs for coverage of eligible employees. Coverage is available through the current plan for dependents. Any additional premium cost for the employee and all premiums for dependent coverage...(more)


XYZ COMPANY does not offer group medical insurance benefits to employees. It is the responsibility of each employee...(more)

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