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Define Wage & Salary Guidelines

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Employee Compensation

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Displayed here is a sampling of the section of the employee handbook outlining employee compensation policies for various compensation methods.

Policy may vary by state
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Policies for Compensation

The company's compensation section explains what compensation employees can reasonably expect in return for work. It may also detail minimum wage and overtime policies.

Examples from the handbook template...


NOTICE: The language for "Overtime" policy varies state to state, based on whether the state follows the minimum federal guidelines (effective December 1, 2016), or has more stringent state guidelines that exceed federal minimums. Each state template contains the appropriate language for that state.

Commissioned Sales

Sales personnel who are compensated based on commissions are responsible for the entire sales process. This responsibility includes all communication with the client throughout the life of the project... (more)

Wage and Salary Disclosure

Compensation programs are confidential between each individual employee and XYZ COMPANY...(more)

More included in the template...

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