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Establish Procedures For Evaluating Employees

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Employee Evaluation Policy

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Included below is a sampling of the section of the employee handbook outlining employee evaluation guidelines and procedures.

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Employee Evaluation

The employee evaluation section explains how the management will conduct formal employee evaluation sessions with employees. These are usually scheduled annually or bi-annually. Note that the company could make the decision to hold informal evaluation sessions more regularly. Often companies tie in the employee evaluation with decisions on pay rises or training requirements for individual staff members.

Examples from the handbook template...

All employees will be under “evaluation” for the first three months of employment. Your immediate supervisor will be responsible for evaluating your performance, aptitude and compatibility with co-workers. At the end of the evaluation period, you may be invited to...(more)

Personnel File

XYZ COMPANY maintains a confidential personnel file for each employee. Files are controlled by the Human Resources department. Employees must acquire permission to view his or her personnel file from the Human Resources department. These files are the property of XYZ COMPANY, no documents may be altered or removed by...(more)

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