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Mississippi Employee Handbook

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Having and distributing a handbook to all employees, and new hires, is a great way communicate policy for the benefit of the employee as well as the employer. While an employee handbook is a great tool, Mississippi law does not mandate that employers offer one. However, federal law does require employers to have written policy, and an employee handbook is an ideal option for meeting this requirement.

Major categories of policy to include in your Mississippi company handbook:

  • Conditions For Employment & Career Opportunities
  • HIPAA Notice & Privacy Practices
  • Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay Adherence
  • Policies for Leave of Absence
  • Policy For Working Away From the Office
  • Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment Policy
  • Workplace Dress Code
  • Policy For Personal Cell Phones & Texting
  • Guidelines For Internet, Email & Electronic Communication
  • Outline of Benefits, Vacations, Holidays & Insurance
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Options for creating an employee handbook range from simple to complex, and cost can vary dramatically depending on the method. One option is for the human resources department in conjunction with the legal department (or third party lawyers) to create one from scratch. A simpler, and much less expensive option, is to create your handbook using a template designed specifically for Mississippi employers.

The Mississippi MS Word template offered here complies with MS law, and makes the job quick and easy, at a very low cost. This high-quality employee handbook includes coverage of these topics:

The introduction section includes a place for the company logo, company mission statement, information regarding career opportunities, open door policy and code of conduct.

The employment section covers equal opportunity employment, eligibility for employment, familial employment, HIPPA notice, privacy practices, moving expenses, part-time employment, employment of minors, criminal convictions, violence, weapons, alcohol-drug use, sexual and other unlawful harassment, domestic violence, job postings, seniority, credit union, employee evaluation, bonus checks, stock options and personnel files.

The policies and procedures section covers attendance, parking, work schedule requirements, staff meetings, bulletin boards, suggestion box, time cards, lunch breaks, other breaks, workplace dress code, lactation accommodation, medical attention, compensation, overtime pay, mileage for use of personal vehicle, commission sales, payroll schedules, paychecks, payroll deduction for taxes, FICA and Medicare, IRA's, Working away from the office, performance and evaluation reviews, reimbursement of expenses, reporting personal information changes, gifts, entertainment, meals, visitors, personal property, personal cell phones, text messaging, personal safety, food and beverage, smoking, office parties, solicitation and moonlighting.

The company property section includes policy for confidential information security, facilities security, office supplies, postage, company accounts, company vehicles, company equipment, phone systems, voice mail, personal calls, conservation and recycling.

The computer-related section covers computers, related equipment, internet, email and electronic communication.

The policies for leave of absence section outlines eligibility, personal leave of absence, sick leave, short-tern disability leave, Unpaid family-medical leave, organ donor leave, funeral leave, jury duty, military duty and severe weather closings.

The benefits section covers policy for eligibility, group medical insurance, life insurance, 401K plans, retirement, worker's compensation, holidays, vacations, vacation schedules, COBRA, education-tuition reimbursement and employee discounts.

The discipline section covers problem resolution, violation of company policy, termination and severance.

Review the MS Employee Handbook Template now button

Any policy in this Mississippi employee handbook can be deleted or modified by the purchaser. Once the manual is complete, it can be saved as a PDF for digital distribution and/or printing.


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