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Define Company Vehicle Policy

Company Car Policy

Displayed below is a sampling of the company car, equipment and and company vehicle use section of the handbook template.

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Company Cars


Employee Use of Company Vehicles


The company vehicles policy explains how and when staff can utilize company vehicles, including whether employees can drive the vehicles for personal use at any time. It will include information on what to do if you are involved in an accident while driving a company vehicle, which is essential information for any employee. The guidelines clearly explain what the employer expects when employees drive company vehicles.


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Company Vehicles


Use of company vehicles for personal purposes is prohibited.


Use of company vehicles for personal purposes is prohibited. If you have been assigned a company car, it should be used strictly for company business and for travel to and from...

Notice: The Employee Handbook Contains the Entire Company Car Policy Option

Company Equipment

Company property, such as laser printers, copiers, computers and all production tools, are to be used for XYZ COMPANY business purposes only. Use of unauthorized equipment may...

Your designated work area, desks and cabinets are not to be... More...

Phone Systems, Voice Mail and Personal Calls

Telephone systems, equipment and operators are in place to provide business services of the company. Employees...

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Employee Use of Company Cars


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